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Nitron has been treating water and waste water for 15 years in Israel - the home of smart water solutions. In the last few years Nitron has been focusing on developing and implementing SED technology to remove nitrates from drinking water, with 15 working plants at total capacity of 2,510,000,000 gallons yearly.
Nitron has implemented a variety of water projects for over 50 clients, including Israeli municipalities, Mekorot - Israel's national water company, Danone Israel, Nestle Israel, The Weizmann Institute, and more.
Nitron is owned by "Housing & Construction" (TASE: SKBN), Israel's largest construction company. It is the water specialist of the Environment division, building complex projects handling waste water treatment, desalination, drinking water purification and more. Thanks to its corporate affiliation, Nitron is able to provide flexible financing solutions to meet its customers' needs.

About Housing & Construction

Housing & Construction's Environment Division initiates, develops, finances and constructs environmental projects in a variety of areas, focusing on water and alternative energy. Housing & Construction Environment emphasizes the integration of sustainability, social responsibility and balance between business, society and the environment.
Housing & Construction (TASE: SKBN) is the leading infrastructure and real estate company in Israel. The Group's subsidiaries operate since 1924, gaining extensive experience in complex construction and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad. The group's companies have established a proven record in building residential neighborhoods, commercial and industrial buildings, large-scale transportation infrastructure and ecological projects, water purification and desalination and development of international projects.
Housing & Construction is publicly traded and controlled by the Arison Group.
For more information: http://hch.co.il/profileEng.asp

About Arison Group

The Arison Group is a global investment and philanthropy group, headquartered in Israel. Arison Investments focuses on the business core of sustainability and applies the vision of securing human existence to the field of global business. Arison Investments focuses on finance, infrastructure, water and energy projects and incorporates leading firms in the Israeli and world economy. Founded by the late Ted Arison, the company began operating in Israel in 1991.
For more information: http://www.arison.co.il/group/en/

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